Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up!

Busy, busy, busy... (Children, children, children...)
That is my excuse for not keeping up with this blog. I truly do have good intentions for it. We'll see if I can manage it a bit better in the coming months.

So, what have we been up to lately? Well, as most of you know, Ysabella was ill last week with RSV and spent a few days in the hospital. I (Jennifer) never left her room. We even shared a bed. Thankfully she is home now and is as good as new. Looking at her adorable face, you would never guess that she was sick at all. Homeschooling keeps us very busy during this time of year, as well.

In the midst of our busy schedule, we have found the time to create some wonderful new products! A few of our new soap creations are currently listed in our Etsy shop, including Calming Chamomile. What I love about this soap is the soothing aroma. It is a blend of chamomile, neroli and lavender essential oils. This soap is also full of real ground chamomile buds as well as ground oatstraw. Since my daily shower is the only quiet time I get most days, I appreciate a soothing aroma to relax me. This soap offers that.
I think my favorite new soap would have to be our Lanolin and Cocoa Butter. This soap lathers like silk! It is wonderful for babies. In fact, I am so thrilled with this simple little soap that I am planning on doing an entire line of lanolin and cocoa butter products just for little ones. The current batch was hand-cut into somewhat smaller bars than my usual soaps. We used a different mold when it was poured. In the future I think we will go back to our loaf molds. Lanolin is such a unique ingredient. A very small percentage of people may find that they are sensitive to it, but this will be very few. For most people, lanolin will be a soothing skin softener and healing agent. Combining lanolin with cocoa butter only enhances these qualities. This soap is unscented. For fun, we have also felted several of these bars in 100% sheep's wool. This makes for a true sheep & goat blend! Now, I finally have a good reason to add a few sheep to our hobby farm!
Speaking of our felted soaps, you really need to check these out! The felted wool sweater will shrink down as the soap is used up. When the last tiny bit of soap is finally gone, you will be left with a cute little bath scrubby. The wool makes a perfect exfoliating bath cloth and really increases the amount of lather you get. The increase in lather makes these awesome shaving bars! So far we have felted our Milk & Honey bars, Lanolin & Cocoa Butter, and a round bar in Lavender. Each Goat Milk Soap in Sheep's Clothing is unique. The children have a blast doing this themselves, so your soaps are truly personal handmade creations by the Ferris kids. This also means that they are not perfect, but that is what gives them such charm! Even 3 year old, Quinn, gets in on the fun. It is quite humorous to watch him squeeze the soaps with all of his might!

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