Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Introducing "The Boys"

Earlier in this blog I introduced my daughters, Savannah and Gabriella. I have failed to properly introduce my boys, however.

Let me start with Benjamin...

Ben is nine years old and my oldest son. He likes to remind us often that when Dad is not at home, he is the man of the house! It was because of Ben that I created my first handmade skin care product. He suffered from terrible chapped, dry and cracked lips. He also suffered from mild eczema. So, I made him a balm. We called it Benjy's Balm. I'll never forget it...I made him the balm one evening and we slathered it on his sore lips. The next morning he came running downstairs yelling for me, "Mom! Mom! It works! The Benjy's Balm healed my lips!" The rest is history!

Ben likes to make stuff. He will likely be a wood craftsman when he grows up. He also loves to draw and is quite good. Ben's favorite subject in school is science and nature study. He is fascinated with creatures and creation and reads his science text like it is a juicy novel. He also enjoys reading true stories about history. Ben's favorite color is orange and his favorite food is couscous followed by lasagna. He likes to play soccer too. What else? Well, he likes to watch episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and The Lone Ranger. When Ben was a little guy, I called him "Tenderheart" because he was so sweet. He still gives me butterfly kisses sometimes before bed.

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liddie said...

I am interested in being included in your drawing.
I went to Joppa and found that I really loved the skin care especially the products for aging skin and the mud mask. Ii also really liked the starter kit!
Would love to be able to use it all!!!:)
Great product!!
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