Monday, March 9, 2009

New Stuff!

I am feeling much better this evening and I finally got some pictures of a few new items. I had a great time photographing my new "super model"! I know mothers have a natural bias, but Ysabella has to be one of the most beautiful babies ever! (I might as well tell you that she looks just like all of her brothers and sisters!) Check out the new stuff at

And when your done at my shop, you should really check out this

No, I am not needing any maternity shirts! But I just love Jodi's shop! Her t-shirts are so cute! I always got smiles when I was pregnant and wearing her shirts. Especially my favorite..."Does this baby make me look fat?" A pregnant mom needs all of the smiles she can get!

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Bovee Brigade said...

Casie needed that shirt last night at the store. Some women are questionable and I'm not sure should have the status of "considerate lady to pregnant ladies". Hahaha! Did you guys find your camera or get a new one?