Friday, April 3, 2009

Diaper Rash...What's That?

Believe it or not, but Ysabella has NEVER had even the slightest diaper rash develop in her 5 months of life. My 3 year old son, Quinn, has been out of diapers for a year and he never had a rash either. Now, all of my children before Quinn suffered at one time or another from a diaper rash. Gabriella was known to develop yeasty rashes. I always cleared them up with apple cider vinegar, but they were sore while they lasted. So, what have I done differently since then? Well, I suppose I'll have to give the credit to my Benjy's Balm for Baby Bottoms and Fresh Bottoms Herbal Spritz. Gabriella wore cloth diapers, so I can't give them the credit, although I do think that cloth are better for babies bottoms. What I love about Fresh Bottoms is that I'm able to really freshen Ysabella up when I change her diaper. I imagine that diapers are not the most comfortable thing for babies...even the organic bamboo can't feel all that great when they are wet and stinky. So, I change her often and when I do I take some extra time to air her out, spray her down, dry her off and smear some balm on her bum. In the summer I also like to use a talc-free powder that I developed from arrowroot flour, baking soda, clay and finely ground orange peel. I'll be listing it next week...Organic Orange Peel Baby Powder. I find that in the warmer months, it is nice to dust babies a bit with something to absorb the extra sweat and moisture. It not only helps keep the diaper area dry and comfortable, but it also helps with heat rash. So, be on the look out for it!
I'm also relisting our very famous Balsam & Buttermilk Goat Milk Soap, which just so happens to be perfect for washing sore and irritated little bottoms!

**If you purchase a Benjy's Balm for Baby Bottoms and a Fresh Bottoms Diaper Spritz together over the weekend, I'll include a free powder in your order! This special offer will end on Monday April 6!**
Here's some simple home remedies if your baby does happen to develop a rash and you don't have any Benjy's Balm on hand...
-plain yogurt
-apple cider vinegar (natural with the mother culture) & a dusting of baking soda for yeast rash
-diluted kefir
-raw honey (make sure it is NOT a yeast infection or the rash will spread like crazy!)
-aloe vera juice

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