Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I Love Handmade

Etsy is such an inspiration, isn't it? I mean, just look at the ingenuity of some of these crafters. For me, Etsy has been a dream come true. It has provided a way for me to be industrious within the home setting.
The more time I spend on Etsy, the more I love it. Some of these shops are nothing short of amazing. And the people that I have met...well, let me just say that I have been beyond blessed by some of them!
There is something good about purchasing handmade products and knowing that you are supporting individual people and not large corporations. I get such a thrill when I see my children playing with handmade toys or wearing handmade clothing. Better yet is when you have made the products yourself!
When I was a little girl, we wore handmade flannel nighties. Our beds were always covered with handmade quilts, tied by my great-grandmother. In fact, even now I know that my family will never freeze thanks to the dozens of quilts that my grandmothers have given to us over the years!
The picture of Ysabella with her "biddy baby" is an example of just one of the wonderful handmade toys that are available on Etsy. This little doll is the perfect size for Ysa's tiny hands. She can mouth this toy without me worrying about dangerous chemical residue or choke able parts. It is soft and cozy, and just plain adorable! The hat she is wearing was made with love by her own "Grammy"(my mother). I think that she needs to open her own Etsy shop!

Visit this fun Etsy shop at http://www.chickabiddybaby.etsy.com/

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Jenn said...

Your baby is adorable, and her baby (the doll) is beautiful too!