Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summertime Happenings!

During the 4th of July, my children set up a little stand out in front of our garden to try and lure in some of the "lake people". We have lots of traffic down our country road during summer weekends due to the lakes around the area. In fact, Lake Pleasant is only one mile down the road from us. We were able to enjoy a wonderful fireworks show from the lake without leaving our own yard!

This morning they all went fishing at the little pond back behind our house. We'll fry the fish up for dinner tonight on the cast iron skillet over an open fire. Visit me over at later on for details on my fish batter recipe.

I enjoy summertime so much. It is just too short for me. I should be living much further south!


Blodgett said...

How CUTE! Looks like lots of fun! We are off to southern TEXAS in JULY! (Everyone thinks we are crazy!) :-) Ah, those summer memories!

Kelly said...

That is such a sweet idea for the table of soap, I hope they did good with sales! And what a blessing to be able to just be at home with the kids and see the fireworks off the lake.