Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Babies in the Barn!

Java, our beautiful LaMancha dairy goat, gave us twin girls! Girls are the best when you are raising dairy goats so we were super excited about this double blessing! Java's previous farmer had never allowed her to mother her babies. They were always taken from her immediately following the birth and bottle fed with milk replacer. This is NOT how we do things on our farm. Our mothers and babies are always kept together for the first weeks. This encourages proper behavior to develop (they are goats, not humans!) and it also ensures that the babies remain in good health. (If goat milk is so healthy and good for humans, just imagine how beneficial it is for baby goats!) A well fed and cared for LaMancha dairy goat will undoubtedly have enough milk to feed her babies plus some to share with her farmer's family. Java has not disappointed us. Her maternal instinct is as strong as ever. We were not sure how she would react to actually being left with her babies, since she had been robbed of the experience for so long, but she has bonded with them and is giving them all the care they need. Nature is amazing. The Creator is awesome!

We named them Mocha and Latte.

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