Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Introducing our Apron Models...

Gabriella (aka Gabi) is our five year old daughter. She loves to read books...or rather have books read to her. Her favorites are the Francis books by Russel Hoban. Her preferred hangout is the chicken coop where she likes to watch and see which chickens lay what eggs. She can pretty much tell now by the color and shape who laid what. Quite a talent... She is also the sole owner of Trixy, our midget Shetland Sheepdog. They bonded when Trixy was just a puppy and Gabi is basically the only one in the household who Trixy obeys. That does not make Trixy very popular with the rest of us, however. Gabi enjoys playing with her dolls, coloring and chalk drawing, and playing with modeling clay. Her favorite food is fried eggs. She prefers the taste of the eggs laid by her own "Little Buffy" and "Sunflower", both are beautiful golden colored Buff Orpingtons that she raised from chickhood.

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