Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Introducing our Apron Models...

Savannah is our oldest child. She will be eleven years old in 2 weeks! As most oldest children are, she is very mature and motherly. If you asked her siblings, they would describe her as controlling and overbearing. Nonetheless, without her our household would not run quite as smoothly and her siblings are very aware of that fact. So, she gets her respect. Hey, they appreciate her delicious cookies and pancakes just as much as I do! As an oldest child myself, watching Savannah is sometimes like looking into a mirror. She is quick to give advice to the younger children, such as recently when she informed Gabi that it would be much wiser to spend money on baby chicks or guinea hens than to spend it on a Barbie doll. Why? Because chickens will last longer and you get something in return for your purchase...eggs. Savannah loves to read, and I honestly can't overemphasize that. The girl probably reads between 75 and 100 books each year. She prefers historical fiction. Some of her favorites have been Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, The Little House series by Laura Wilder, and anything by Marguerite Henry. She adores horses and has taken lessons. She enjoys drawing, writing, dancing, sewing and is learning to knit and crochet. She is also quite an accomplished cook for a girl her age!
*Savannah would like me to add that her favorite soap/lotion scent is Raspberry Vanilla.


southern queen bee said...

Hi, I just found your blog while surfing around on esty. Your children make great models. How long have you had your goats? I had a goat when I was a small girl.
I would love to have them now ,but I live in an area where there is alot of traffic. My husband and I just purchased some land in Mississippi, but we are only able to go there on the weekends. Oh you are living my dream....Can't wait to try some of you soap. Missy

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

love yr shop- I will be back to purchase soon! xo amy of www.littlealouette.etsy.com