Friday, October 10, 2008

Chamomile Soaps

Last week my daughter, Savannah, turned 11 and today my son, Quinn, turns 3! We have been just plain busy around here. On top of that, I will also admit that I am feeling rather tired and very pregnant. So, that is my excuse for not keeping up on this new blog that I started last month with such great intentions! Please forgive me! I promise that it will be far more exciting to read in 2009!

I am researching and coming up with lots of new product ideas that we will launch after the first of the year and we are testing out some new soap recipes too.

-My current favorite soap is Calming Chamomile.

It is available in the family pack of soaps for children and babies. I don't know why I have developed such a fancy for it lately, but I could stand in the shower for hours enveloped in it's lather. Maybe it is the gentle nature of it that appeals to me in this late stage of my pregnancy? It contains a healthy serving of our creamy goat's milk and an abundance of aromatic ground chamomile buds, with just a touch of added chamomile and sweet orange essential oils. I also added some chamomile tincture for the healing benefits. It has a beautiful lather and the scent of chamomile is so relaxing!

I also just listed a Chamomile Cinnamon & Oats bar. This bar contains the soothing benefits of chamomile and oats with the added spiciness of cinnamon! Cinnamon is also a fantastic antibacterial ingredient which makes this the perfect bar of soap to use this fall when the common cold begins to make it's return to our households. This bar has the bonus of being more unisex in it's scent too.

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Salameander said...

Chamomile soap sounds lovely! And as for cinnamon, another combination I've come across in another soap is cinnamon and ground coffee grains. A bit scratchy on the skin at first, but it turned out to be a nice, natural exfoliant.