Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, it has been a frustrating time for me this past week. I am due now to deliver this baby any day and patience has never been one of my better character traits. Frankly, I simply don't enjoy not being able to move around swiftly. That is the hardest thing for me to accept during pregnancy. I want to be able to continue along with my tasks and not feel as if I physically can't accomplish something.
Well, things went from being uncomfortable to just plain painful earlier this week when I sliced my right hand on a broken mason jar. Of course, it had to be my right hand/ forefinger which has eliminated even more household and business oriented tasks for me! No dishes, for instance. While that might sound lovely at first, when you are forced to watch the dishes pile up throughout the day it can be beyond irritating. It also seems that when I am bustling around myself, my little helpers are much more eager to assist. It almost appears that they have injured themselves as well.
Last evening I went to the hair salon to have my hair washed for me. It bothered me to spend $6.00 to have someone wash my hair, but I could not tolerate it any longer. Thankfully, I should be able to pull on a rubber glove tomorrow and resume some of my tasks, like dishes and hair washing.
In the mean time, we have relisted several soaps that are already wrapped and labeled. Our shipping schedule will be much more efficient again, even with the birth of the baby expected. We were prepared for a birth, not an unfortunate accident! (Life!) My hand is on the mend and I would expect that by Monday, it will be nearly pain-free. In fact, given the fact that I do not use pain medication, it has been quite tolerable.

We hope that if anyone had to wait on a package this week that you will forgive us!


Jennifer said...

Hope you'll recover soon!

I've been using your lavender balm diligently, and it's AMAZING. It's healing my acne scars. It also speeds up the turn-over rate for any pimples I had before. It gets rid of my headaches. It does everything!

Good luck with your delivery!

Keegan said...

Yes, life sometimes gets in the way of our best laid plans doesnt it? Hope you'll be better soon and that the baby comes soon too! I am so in love with your products, you can almost feel the extra care put into their production. I am getting my soon to be mother in law some of your lovely soaps for Christmas!

Bovee Brigade said...

A pain-free Monday, huh? Life never goes as planned. I'd say you had a blessing of pain on Monday. :)