Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quinn Jonathan...our adorable little guy

Quinn is three. He is the sweetest little guy and everybody who meets him falls in love! He has the biggest chocolate brown eyes ever and when you look into them, you melt. He loves to sing and play drums with my wooden spoons and pans. Ever since he was a baby he has enjoyed looking at picture books of animals. He will sit quietly for the longest time just flipping through the pages of Hobby Farm magazine or the "Little Golden Books" about farm animals. He is afraid of television. When the other kids decide to put in a dvd, Quinn hits the road. He enjoys playing with his matchbox cars and his minature barn and farm animal toys. He also likes to draw and color. His favorite playtime craft, though, is modeling clay. He will play for hours with clay! He can create some pretty interesting little people. Quinn adores his new baby sister. He calls her "Little Cupcake" and kisses her fingers and toes. His favorite food is bread & sorghum. Odd? A bit. He would eat nothing but bread & sorghum sandwiches if he could. What else can I tell you about Quinn? He is such a fun kid! We enjoy him so much and each day as he matures a bit more, I close my eyes and drink him in. They grow up too fast!

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