Thursday, March 5, 2009


As most of you know, our Etsy shop has been closed for a couple of weeks while I concentrated more on moving and unpacking. Now that we are mostly settled in our new place, I've reopened the shop. I have relisted many old favorites and have lots of new stuff planned and some even ready to list...but one problem stands in my way. I lost my camera somewhere in the move. We still have not found the dumb thing and I am begining to think that it might have ended up in the garbage. I hope that is not the case! I had lots of pictures that were not downloaded, not to mention I need it to take new pictures of our new products.
Until I get some extra funds, I am without a camera and you are without the ability to see the new stuff. I can tell you what some of those new products are....
Organic Goat Milk & Herbs Shampoo and Conditioner
Organic Goat Milk Cream Body Butter in 8 ounce Jars
Lotions in 8 ounce Pump Bottles
New Skin Tonics (Lavender Rose, Neroli Chamomile, and Ysabella's Baby Fresh)
Cocoa Butter and Lanolin Soothing Balm
If you are interested in any of these and you don't need to see a picture, you can conversation me at Etsy...

As far as the move goes, we are all very happy to be in our new home. It is so cozy and comfortable! I love to rock the baby to sleep in my rocking chair pulled up to the wood stove. Yesterday my mother brought down my great-grandmother's antique bedroom set and it looks beautiful in our bedroom! (She still had her corsage from my wedding day taped to the corner of the mirror! Wow!) The big plans for her 100th birthday party are in the works for this summer. What an event that will be! I can't wait! She is amazing for being would never guess it. She is in incredible health and just moved out of her farmhouse last year to live with her daughters. My grandma is her oldest daughter (she is 81 and still bowls, golfs and fishes with my grandpa who, for his 80th birthday, did a back flip off the diving board!) and I am the oldest great-granddaughter. We have freakishly healthy genetics in my family! My daughters should all live to be quite old, Lord willing...Dave's great-grandmother was at one time the oldest woman in the WORLD before she died at 115! Yep, my girls have some serious genetics working for them. The men don't do quite as well, but my grandfather is making his own case for that at 81. Not only does he still do back flips, he rides his bike, walks the golf course, bowls, and still takes us for hay rides behind his tractor!
So, how did I get on to this subject?

Ah yes, our move...
The chickens have been having a rough time...we've lost a few to some mysterious varmint. I lost my guinea hen, Penny. (Henry is lonely.) The goats keep getting out of the new barn. But, other than that, we all like it here.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our new stuff coming soon....

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