Monday, April 27, 2009

New Goats

As promised, here are some pictures of our new goats. Spot is the cream colored doe, Minnie is the sleek black and white doe, and Brisco is the white and black buck.
So far, so good. Spot is an excellent milker. Minnie should improve once she freshens for a second time. She is a first freshener, which means that she has only produced kids once. The teats on first time fresheners tend to be on the small size, thus making them more difficult to milk. This usually improves over time. She is a beautiful little goat and gives a fair amount of milk for being so young. In fact, she was a champion Jr. Doe in the show ring, but her udder attachments where not what they needed to be after she freshened to continue as a show goat, which is why we got her! The judges might not like her udder, but she serves us just fine as a dairy goat.
Brisco also comes from champion blood lines, but we bought him without papers. We don't care much if our goats have papers because we strictly use them for dairy purposes. We purchase excellent goats at a fraction of the cost this way. For instance, Spot is a former champion who still has many years of life left in her, but is retired from the show ring. In her prime she would have been worth twice what we paid for her. The breeders where we purchase our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are very serious about what they do and they breed for excellence in the show ring, which includes being very dairy in character. If you would like to visit the web site, it is
There you have a little bit of background on our Nigerian Dwarfs. We currently have a total of 8 adult goats.

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