Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Name & New Goats

As supporters of the Organic Consumers Association, we have decided to make a name change. Let me explain why. The organic industry is growing rapidly as more and more people become concerned about our deteriorating food supply. There is a lot of fraud going on by companies who use the term "organic" in their names and products. This is misleading to consumers. Many, if not most, of these comapanies are NOT natural, let alone organic! To control this, the OCA is in support of more rigid regulations being placed on the use of the word "organic", especially in the realm of skin care products because it is here where the most abuse is being inflicted. I, myself, am bothered by this as well. Unfortunately, a business our size will not be able to meet most of these necessary standards. Even though we use mostly organic ingredients in our products, our farm and our goats can't be certified organic at this point. We will remain committed to using mostly organic ingredients, and always chemical free natural ingredients, but we will no longer be known as "Farmstead Organics". This change will be taking place gradually over the next couple of months. We plan on replacing products with our new name as we print new labels, hopefully with a new laser printer. You will still find us at That web address will not change. Our new name will be also be a more complete description of who we are and what we offer...The Farmstead Apothecary.

Let us know how you like it!

We also added 3 new Nigerian Dwarfs to our herd of goats last week. A nice looking young buck will become our herd sire. His name is "Brisco Darling". Two new does, one young beauty named "Minnie Mouse" and a former champion who is past her prime for the show ring, but still a fine milker,known as "Spot". We are thrilled to have these goats join our herd! I'll try to post pictures later today.


JN said...

Oh, Jen,
Speaking on behalf of "past the show ring" goats everywhere, I think you need to amend your goats' descriptions to say "and Spot, with a mature beauty, remains a good milker...even though she no longer competes..."

Too much time on my hands since hubby is out of town...?? :) Nancy

Farmstead Organics said...

Love it! And I'm sure Spot would agree!