Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where have I been?

If you have been trying to get in touch with me via email or Etsy conversation the past few days and have not received a response, you will get one today. First of all, let me apologize. I tried to muster the strength to work, but I was able to pull off about 3 hours on Monday before collapsing back into bed. We had a nasty virus attack our house over the weekend. It started Sunday with a severe headache that I was hoping would pass but instead my entire body decided to get involved. By Sunday night I was a fever inferno. The only ones who escaped were Ben, Gabi, Quinn and Ysabella. We are all recovering now. In fact, Savannah ran a fever of 102 for about 5 hours, slept all afternoon and woke up feeling just fine. That girl is amazing. I wish I could say the same thing about her mother. I tried, but I just couldn't shake it. Thankfully, after much prayer, my fever broke early this morning. I am still not feeling 100%, but the worst is behind me for sure. Today I will be airing out bedrooms, washing bedding, and responding to all of the people who think I must be ignoring them!
Let me assure you of this, if ever you are trying to contact me about an order and I am not responding within 24 hours, I will ALWAYS have a good reason for it! It is the down side of running a home business and not having employees to help! When something comes up, everything comes to a screeching halt whether I like it or not!

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Kelly said...

keeping ya in prayer, you are doing a GREAT job!