Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair Care

Let me tell you the story behind my new hair products. 
I wear my hair long (middle back) and so do my daughters.  I love the natural look of long hair.  We moved to this new farm 2 years ago now and I slowly started noticing that my color was changing.  My hair is a natural dark chocolate color.  It started taking on a very brassy look.  Then it began getting dry and losing it's luster.  My daughter Savannah has light brown hair that began looking brassy and dry too.  By the time I woke up and realized that our well water was destroying our hair, it was too late.  Mine actually looked like someone was yanking handfulls out of the back by my neck.  It was an emotional day when I had to have several inches cut off, up to my shoulders!  Savannah also had about 6 inches cut off of hers.  Obviously we have a filter now but we are considering moving again because of the severity of the water problem.  We are surrounded on all 4 sides by big agricultural farms that are literally poisoning our ground water here.  I'm worried about our health.  We've always had well water yet I've never experienced anything like this.  My hair was always healthy before, even with hard water. 
So, after the ordeal of having my hair cut, I had to come up with something to restore it's health and encourage new growth.  I'm taking a lot of the oils that I'm using in my products internally as supplements as well as applying them to my skin and hair.  I've noticed a big difference and our hair is begining to feel like real hair again too!  I just can't wait for it to grow back!  I keep telling myself that by the end of the summer, if all goes well, it should be close to the length it was before. 

I'm sold on broccoli seed oil for hair health!  It offers an all natural ingredient for creating shine and gloss in hair on a comparative level with the industry standard, silicone.  Broccoli oil's unique combination of fatty acids offers stability while maintaining a non-greasy lubricative property.   I've only just begun in my expirementations with this amazing ingredient!  Both the Green Gardens Hair Cleanser and the Peppermint Purifying Conditioning Treatment contain broccoli seed oil.  
The hair cleanser is sulfate free, which makes it very gentle and less drying than your standard detergent based shampoo.  The purifying cleanser contains ingredients like activated charcoal that detox the hair while coating the cuticle.  It pulls out toxins while moisturizing, conditioning, and smoothing the hair.

I hope you'll give these products a try!  I'm very happy with the results in my own personal hair crisis.  Hopefully I can offer more natural, raw and organic hair products soon.

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